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Why Downsizing to a Condo Community is Beneficial to your Health

2014-05-12 |


Choosing where you live is hard decision, but as you get older, would you be benefiting your happiness and health by deciding to live in a big extravagant house, or would you rather retire in style in a condo community? The truth is downsizing to a smaller living space like a condo community is actually beneficial to your overall well-being.

Easier to maintain - The constant interior cleaning, and exterior upkeep of your yard can certainly be a hassle. Even if you are an active adult, repetitive motions, such as cumbersome yard work, puts stress on your body mentally and physically. A condo community helps you maintain an independent lifestyle, yet requires much less time spent on home maintenance.

More time to enjoy life -  Less home maintenance frees time in your schedule to enjoy your independent lifestyle and focus on the things in life that matter to you like spending more time with your loved ones.    


Less expensive -  When you downsize to a condo community, your bills also decrease too. You' ll be using less electricity, less heating and cooling, insurance, and more.  

Less temptation to buy- Owning a condo leaves you to ditch extra baggage, and reconsider the next time you want to spend money on home furnishings and décor.

There are a lot of factors which coincide with choosing where you live, but downsizing into a smaller living space such as a condo community is mentally and physically freeing. At The Gardens of Wilbraham, many of our residents once owned beautiful homes in Western MA and Northern CT.  Now, we ensure that all of our residents are healthy and happy and enjoy independent lifestyles in our condominiums. Call us today at 413-596-5322 for more information about The Gardens of  Wilbraham Retirement Community.

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