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Trumping Transition Turbulence

2015-02-17 |


Moving from the comfort of your own home to a senior living facility may seem like a daunting transition but there's nothing to be worried about. You no longer need to stress about the day-today responsibilities of home maintenance. This new lifestyle may seem unusual and out of the ordinary but there a lot benefits to joining a retirement community as an active adult. From a top notch gym facility to luxury meals, The Gardens of Wilbraham wants you to live comfortably and worry free.

Meet Your Neighbor:

The biggest change in your lifestyle will be the people you meet. No longer are you living by yourself, but you are surrounded by many new personalities waiting to greet you. As an active adult it's important to create relationships with people and experience different ways of thinking. Senior living offers new opportunities that you would miss if you lived by yourself.

Protection Is Key:

When living on your own you may worry about an intruder breaking in and damaging your home and violating your privacy. The protection offered by retirement communities come from surveillance by private security, alarms set on doors and constant vigilance by senior living staff. You will live your life a little easier knowing you're in good hands.

Live YOUR Life:

Entering a senior living facility means that many of your responsibilities as a homeowner are gone and you can focus on you. Start working out again in the fitness center and keep those muscles strong. Always wanted to finish that book but never got the chance? Enjoy your time by leisurely reading in the library or in your own unit. With more opportunities to be active and social, your lifestyle as an active adult can go whichever way you want. 

Bringing a positive mindset during your transition will help you acclimate better with your new environment. Change can be difficult but it's often for the better. If you’re experiencing difficulties with living adjustments, talk to the staff at The Gardens of Wilbraham and they will help you settle into your new home.

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