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Tips to Unclutter and Organize

2014-12-05 |


Cut the Clutter

Are you looking to organize your condo, but don’t know where to start? Start off by first establishing a “home” for everything. Once you figure out where everything belongs, you can get into a routine for keeping things in their place. 

Paper tends to be the cause of most clutter, so getting rid of old newspapers, subscriptions, and junk mail may be half the solution to a more organized home. Having a place specifically for paper, mail, and magazines will help you stay organized, and help keep your coffee or dining room tables clean.  

Clear Up the Space

Many homes are cluttered because they simply have too many things on display. If you’re a “collector” consider not displaying everything at once. Rotating your collectables between the display shelf and the closet may be a great way to keep your home looking fresh and organized. Try to store at least half of your collection away and switch them out every few months. 

Cluttered in Frames

Pictures are another cluttering culprit. Consider a digital photo frame which can hold hundreds of pictures to replace the ones that are overwhelming your home. You may also opt to hang a few on the wall, rather than filling up your tables or shelves. Here are some additional tips to un-cluttered your living space:

  • Organize your cords. Label them, tie them down, and hide them. 
  • Get a wastebasket. Having a wastebasket in the living room can help cut down the clutter. Just make sure it has a lid and fits with the décor of your home. 
  • Sort out your movie/music collection. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to those dated movies and music albums you haven’t touched since your 20’s.


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