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Technology is Making Seniors’ Lives Easier

2014-10-10 |


Silly Kids, Apps are for us too

For today’s seniors, it is nearly impossible to avoid technology. Many retirees are learning to be tech-savvy, making full use of these smart phones and tablets. Currently, almost 80 percent of people 65 or older own a cell phone, while more than 60 percent own either a desktop computer or a laptop. “Going mobile” is no longer just for the kids, but a trend which serves to improve the lives of numerous seniors.

 App Your Way to Independence

With the use of technology, seniors are now able to do many things without the assistance of others. A variety of apps exist to aid seniors through daily tasks such as taking pills and keeping track of meals and exercise. Using an app, you no longer need to rely on your loved ones to complete these minor yet essential tasks. Technology gives seniors a sense of independence, no longer having to forgo privacy by asking a friend or loved one to assist. If family members are concerned about the safety of their loved ones, there are many apps that serve as alert systems. 

Here are five free apps which are sure to make a difference

  • Silver Surf: Enlarges the navigation buttons and has a feature called the Interactive Text Zoom that increases text up to 200 percent.
  • Instant Heart Rate: Uses the iPhone camera to get a pulse from your fingertips.
  • WebMD: Allows you to check your symptoms for any potential health problems.
  • Clevermind: Contains quizzes and games to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, and large buttons, voice command, and a calendar for ease of use.
  • Luminosity: Mind games designed by neuroscientists to enhance memory and attention span.

Don’t let age slow you down. Whether you need a pill reminder or an alert system, there’s an app for that. For additional tips and tricks to staying healthy and active as a senior citizen, visit the Gardens of Wilbraham.

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