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Staying Active as You Age

2016-05-03 |


How to stay active

There is a big misconception about staying active as you age, and older adults believe that they must rigorously exercise. This is not the case however, and simple activities can help maintain exceptional health, energy levels, and even help individuals with chronic medical conditions.

The key to staying active is to find something you enjoy doing that will bring exercise into your life as well as the joy of partaking in the activity. Some easy ways to stay active include:

  • Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or in a local park
  • Work in the yard on a mild day ·
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Participate in leisurely sports such as golf or shuffleboard
  • Swim laps around the pool
  • Clean the house or car

Here at the Gardens of Wilbraham, not only are all of these activities possible, but we also offer gym classes in Pilates, aerobics, swimming, and other exercise classes that can all be found on our monthly events page.

Why staying active is important
The benefits of daily exercise are endless and invaluable in so many ways. From decreased stress, to increased energy to keep up with the grandkids, here are the top reasons why staying active is important as we age.
Increased energy- as with any individual, daily exercise will increase energy levels as well as ones mood throughout the day. This increase in energy comes in many forms from staying out later, to having more energy to keep up with the grandchildren.
Decreased stress- staying healthy as we age will help to decrease stress in our everyday lives. The significant increase in energy leads to a more positive mood and lower stress levels.
Active minds- as our age increases, our memory decreases. Although many people think of memory loss as individual’s age, we also begin to see slower response and reaction times in older adults. Staying active will keep us on our toes and will help increase brain function.
Strong body- it’s not news that staying active will help increase strength in our bones and muscles throughout the body. Exercise helps strengthen the lower body so as we age, we are able to walk without assistance.
As we age, so does our body. It’s important to exercise daily, even if it isn’t vigorous exercise. Light movements and daily activities such as gardening, golfing, or cleaning the house, are all ways to add a little extra movement to our daily lives.
For more information on exercise benefits and programs, contact the Gardens of Wilbraham to speak to an employee about fitness programs and dietary plans.
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