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Start A Garden In Your Home!

2015-03-23 |


Being health conscious can be very difficult for all of us when so many bad foods seem so tempting. To curve bad eating habits and develop a new hobby, try your hand at growing plants indoors. Show off your green thumb and healthy eating habits by growing these easy vegetables in your own home!

Carrots – This vegetable is perfect for the beginning or seasoned gardener. While most vegetables need to plant their roots deep, carrots don't have that problem and can be kept in a small box or pot. Carrots are delicious and provide an excellent source of minerals such as niacin, manganese, potassium and B6, A, C, K vitamins. 

Avocados – This wonderful vegetable is a little more difficult but it yields delicious green avocados. Start with an avocado tree in a large pot and add sand to the very bottom. While maintaining the tree be sure to water regularly without over watering. Keep the plant somewhere with a relatively high ceiling, these trees can get up to ten feet! Avocados are known as super foods for being packed with vitamins B6, E and carotenoids.

Green Beans – These wonderful veggies are delicious when cooked together and their growing process is easy too. Make sure you start with a couple seeds spread two inches apart; this will leave enough space for the poles to be stuck into the soil. Leave the plants sitting in direct sunlight for about eight hours a day and water regularly. Green beans contain vitamins B6 and C while also full of minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium.

Tomatoes – Another plant grown on a stalk, tomatoes can be used for a variety of dishes and will look wonderful sitting in your windowsill. This plant requires more maintenance but the outcome will be worth growing. Plant the seeds in a six-inch pot with starter potting mix and water regularly. When they sprout, move the plant into a pot with potting soil and add fertilizer. Keep the plants in the sun, shifting the pot allowing the sun to hit all sides. Tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent heart disease.

There are many more vegetables out there to grow! Visit your local greenhouse and ask a professional about the best methods and products to make the most out of your garden.

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