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Spring into New Activities!

2015-04-03 |


When spring finally comes it’s a pleasant surprise after months of cold weather. Take advantage of this great weather and spend more time outdoors in the warm sunlight. There’s plenty for you to do during this time of year and its time to shake up your routine!

Spring Cleaning
Open up that closet and take it all out! We often hold onto clothes or other items that we don’t want to get rid of but if you haven’t worn it in a few months, it’s time to toss it. Go through some of your belongings, and look for any trinkets that are hanging around that you might not have touched in a while. Be sure to keep those memorable items that bring great memories, pictures of loved ones always have a place by your bedside.

The best way to get that tan for summer is to spend it in the dirt. Grab a neighbor or two and start off by clearing out any annual plants that are still hanging around. When these are clear you can add new, fresh soil and start planting your seeds. Be sure to check when the appropriate planting time is on the farmer’s almanac here. Whether you’re adding beautiful flowers to enhance your home, or vegetables to be healthy, putting time into a garden shows love and dedication.

Pull up your sweatpants and lace up those sneakers because there’s a beautiful day waiting to greet you. Walking is a wonderful way to keep up your cardio and improve your heart’s health. When you feel ready, try jogging your route to give yourself a challenge. If you’re looking for new scenery, check out local trails in your area and spend the afternoon with the wildlife. It’s important to stay safe when you’re exercising so do not over exert yourself if you are in pain.

If you require any assistance, contact the staff at the Gardens of Wilbraham for help and they will do their best to enhance your experience.

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