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Snow Worries

2015-02-09 |


Every season living in New England is beautiful but the winter can be treacherous. On days when you're snowed in, you don't have to stay in your rooms watching TV all day. Gardens of Wilbraham offers fun activities for adults to engage in when the weather is too dangerous.

Check Your Mates:

We offer a wide variety of activities in the game room to pass the time and maybe practice your poker face. Shake things up with a little friendly competition by challenging your friends to a game of billiards. From Backgammon to Go Fish, there are plenty of games offered in the game roomto keep active adults busy on a snow day. 

Stretch, Lift, Run, Repeat:

No matter the weather, staying indoors should not keep you from staying in shape. Take a trip to the gym and walk a mile on the treadmill to stay fit. Gardens of Wilbraham offers programs such as yoga, Pilates, strength training and more! Always check the calendar to see what is going on each day. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to maintaining a happy lifestyle.

Page Turners and Web Browsers:

Start your day off with a romantic day in Paris or brave the depths of the ocean in the comfort of the library. Gardens of Wilbraham offers hundreds of great books to enjoy while you're stuck indoors.  Read whichever newspaper you prefer and stay up to date on global issues. Or use the computers in our Library to search the web or chat with your loved ones. Reading keeps your mind active and sharp.

Be sure to check the calendar to stay aware of ongoing and special events. Most senior living facilities will be putting on events through out the month to keep their tenants active and happy. So get your friends together and have a fun-filled day, the snow isn't going anywhere.

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