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Six Recipes You Want for St. Patrick’s Day

2015-03-17 |


St. Patrick's Day has been globally celebrated for the eventful day when Saint Patrick, removed all of the snakes from Ireland. No matter what your heritage is, everyone gets a chance to be Irish on this special occasion. Here are a few recipes to convince anyone that you have a shamrock heart and a pot of gold. 

  1. Corned Beef and Cabbage. This traditional Irish meal will please any guest you have and certainly yourself as you sit down to share stories. Be sure to slow cook the corned beef brisket for a day ahead of time with plenty of bay leaves and spices. For the whole recipe check out the link
  2. Irish Soda Bread. An Irish staple since the 1800s, this bread will hold you over until the first meal comes out. Originally made with whole-meal, flour, bread soda, buttermilk and salt; this recipe has seen many different variations and can change depending on your preference. For a list of different Irish soda bread recipes follow this link
  3. Shepherd’s Pie. A true stick to your ribs meal, this Irish meal combines all of the great things about Ireland all while warming you up with every bite. Nothing else will make you want to sit down, read an Irish tale, and fall asleep by the fire than this dish. For the recipe, follow this link
  4. Anything Potatoes. The potato holds a lot of weight with the Irish. Being one of the only foods to get them through the famine, there have been hundreds of different ways to cook potatoes. Classic recipes that have stuck through the ages are mashed potatoes and colcannon, both of which are delicious on the side of your dish. For a list of potato dish options follow this link
  5. Beef Stew. Warm your soul with many spoonfuls of delicious broth to fill your stomach. Soaked in vegetables, potatoes and beef this stew is no appetizer and will have you full in no time. For the recipe on how to make beef stew, follow this link
  6. Guinness Cake. End your dinner with a bite of Ireland's renowned beer in a cake! Made with Guinness and plenty of chocolate, this dark desert will surely serve as the proper nightcap and send you off to bed with a full belly and a smile on your face. With minimal preparation, this recipe is very easy to follow. You can find the ingredients and directions here

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