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Pets are Purr-fect for Your Health

2014-09-08 |


Pets can become a loving member of the family, and bring an abundance of health benefits to folks who adopt a furry friend later in life.  Retirement is the perfect time to care for a pet, as you have more leisure time to give pets the care and love they deserve. Pets also provide unconditional love, and can help keep you motivated to exercise, help improve your mood and attitude towards life.

Get Moving

A furry friend is sure to keep you moving. Whether you’re playing with the cat or walking the dog, pets help you maintain an active lifestyle. Not only will you be up and moving but your furry friend help you stay on track. When your kitten wakes you up in the morning for breakfast or your dog is wagging its tail for dinner, pets help you keep on schedule.

Staying Paw-sitive

When you are feeling down in the dumps, having a pet around is proven to help increase mood and decrease stress.  The American Geriatrics Society published a study showing seniors who have pets tend to be in better physical shape and have better mental well-being than those without pets.

Curb Loneliness

Living by yourself can certainly be lonely at times. Having a pet around can diminish fears of being  alone since the pet provides constant companionship.

The Gardens of Wilbraham is completely pet friendly.  So, bring your friend along, or if you’re thinking of adding a new pet to your family, you can adopt a friend from Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and make each day a little brighter for yourself and your furry companion.  For more information about our pet policies at The Gardens of Wilbraham Retirement Community call 413-596-5322.

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