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Out and About in Western MA

2015-04-13 |


With winter fading away and with the last of the snow melting around us, it’s time to go back outside! Spring is the right time for active adults to enjoy plenty of sunlight while staying active. On the next beautiful day, get outside and try one of these outdoor activities!


With rolling green hills and beautiful ponds scattered around the course, golf provides a calming atmosphere. The game can range from 9-18 holes depending on your skill level and the course you attend. If you’re not feeling to swell about your game, just spend some time at the driving range to get back your swing. Western Massachusetts offers plenty of golf courses to choose from. Click here to check out some of the many courses available in Western Ma.


Grab your racket! Tennis is a great game you can play with one other person or in two-person teams. Each game plays for three rounds where each player must score four times. The scoring is labeled from zero to “love,” fifteen, thirty and forty. Challenge your friends and work on your backhand as you return the ball to one another over the court.


This casual game will keep you and your friends occupied for hours! Played with anywhere between 2-8 players, the main goal of bocce is to get your team’s colored ball closest to the small white pallino ball. The team that has more balls closer to the pallino than the other team wins. This game can be played anywhere from a park or your own back yard!


There’s nothing like casting out early in the morning with fog rolling across the water. Great as a solitary activity or with friends, fishing is a wonderful way to spend time with grandkids and pass on a family tradition. There are many places in Western Massachusetts to get your boat out reel in not only a few fish but also a great day. Find great fishing locations here.

Bird watching

Are you an early riser? This activity is great for those people ready to get out of bed in the morning. Bird watching involves a pair of binoculars and a book of bird types to indicate which bird is which. You can join the Massachusetts Audubon society to learn more about birding meetings as well as sanctuaries to search for birds around Massachusetts.

No matter what you do make sure you check with a physician to ensure you are healthy enough to engage. If you have questions about these activities or places to go in the area, just check in with any Gardens of Wilbraham staff member!

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