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How to Weather the Winter Weather

2015-01-14 |


Although a freshly fallen snow is a lovely picture, winter weather also causes many woes. Black ice and painfully cold weather are two dangers to be on alert about this winter. However, you can easily prepare and prevent injury with a few careful considerations.

Winter Weather Tips

Ice may be here, there or even everywhere. Black ice is especially tricky to identify, as it often disguises itself as wet concrete. Take short, slow steps on concrete or areas which tend to accumulated black ice, and remember to wear warm, insulated footwear with proper tread for traction.

Cleaning the Snow

Shoveling any amount of snow can be grueling at any age.  Heavy, wet snow poses additional problems and can lead to bodily injury.  Ligament, muscle and lower back injuries are common in the winter months, especially in older adults. If you have to shovel or clean off areas with snow, remember to pace yourself and take breaks. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  It is often easier to push show out of the way versus lifting and throwing.  As always, remember to bundle up and dress appropriately for the elements.

Driving in Snow

Winter driving is much more dangerous than any other season. Especially during the first few snowfalls when people are still getting used to the slippery conditions, it is extremely important to take it easy on the roads.  Leave yourself plenty of time when you’re traveling, and take it slow.  Be sure to remove all of the snow from your car, heeding the above warnings, before you head out on the road.  Also be sure to remove snow from the roof of your car, otherwise it will fly off while you’re driving.  This could block your view as well as folks around you.  Be sure to gas up before any major snow storm to reduce the risk of getting stuck.

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