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Health Benefits of Dancing Seniors

2014-10-15 |


Boogie to Good Health!

Dancing is a great way for seniors to work out, as well as keep their brain and heart healthy. Dancing reduces the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease while burning calories and working the heart muscles. Dancing is also very effective to help boost memory skills. While improving fall risk, seniors who dance are also strengthening their bones and muscles.

Dance Through Life!

With dancing, seniors have something to be excited about and are able to revisit their youth. Through dance classes, seniors are able to meet new people and stay connected with their peers.

Dancing helps to reduce stress, build confidence, and allows seniors to be creative and simply have fun. If you’re worried about the skill level, don’t be! Most adults dance classes require little to no experience prior to joining and allow you to control the workout. A dance class can be as vigorous or as calm as you please and there are a vast number to choose from.

Here’s what we suggest!

  • Zumba Gold: A modified version of Zumba that incorporates low-intensity moves that are perfect for seniors.
  • Line Dancing: Fantastic for increasing balance, posture, and confidence. No need for a partner.
  • Tap Dancing: Gradually work your way up from simple steps to remembering intricate dance routines in a very welcoming environment.
  • Belly Dancing: A unique and beautiful dance that can be learned at any age.

Seniors everywhere are dancing their way to good health. If you need assistance signing up for dance classes, come see us at the Gardens of Wilbraham. We offer a wide variety of dance classes that will get you “boogie-ing” to good health! 

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