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Explore Your Creative Side While Relieving Your Stress

2015-04-20 |


One of the best aspects about art is that you can create whatever you wish. Art isn’t just drawing or painting. Art is drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, jewelry, photography and much more. 

There are many avenues for you to find an interest within the art realm. Not only is art fun, but also it can be a great stress-relieving hobby that produces unique works to keep!

Benefits of being creative

  1. Art can be a great distraction from stress. Taking a step back, and focusing your energies on an art medium can help clear your head and allow you to walk away feeling refreshed.
  2. Being engaged with art is similar to participating in meditation. Focusing on your work can bring you near to a meditative state, which is accompanied by the benefits of meditation.
  3. Having a hobby, whether it is art or another activity you enjoy, promotes a balanced and healthy life. They are good for the mind and body. It offers you a challenge and a way to take a break from day to day routines.
  4. Having a hobby can also connect you with new people, friends and family.

At the Gardens of Wilbraham, we offer our art class every Wednesday. If you are interested in trying art and being creative as a hobby, and want to take a step away from your routine, join us for an art class every Wednesday! Check our calendar for all of our events.

Looking for a night out? Click here to check out a fun paint night in the local area.

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