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Easy-to-Learn Crafts for Seniors

2014-12-05 |


The Craft of Creativity 

Here are some easy-to-learn crafts which would make great hobbies for retired adults. As long as you don’t limit yourself when it comes to creativity, you can use simple objects found in your home to craft amazing things. 

Add a Little Sparkle

Decorating is a craft which allows much creativity and flexibility. You can make things as simple or complex as you please, while using whatever is available in your home or retirement living community. All you need are some random objects, such as buttons, macaroni, beads, hard candy, etc., and some glue to decorate just about anything.

Decorating is a great way to give life to something that has lost its spark. If there’s nothing in your home that needs sprucing up, you can buy a plain picture frame or styrofoam wreath to decorate. If you’re making a wreath, you can add leaves to make it fall-themed, or Christmas-themed with ornaments. If you’d prefer, you could also paint your object instead. There is so much room for creativity when it comes to decorating, so let the artist in you shine!   

Button Up

Another great way to unleash some creativity is to create button art. Using buttons of various colors and sizes, you can glue them onto a board to form a picture. Just like decorating, this craft can be as intricate as you’d like. Using an assortment of shades and sizes can add dimension to your picture, making it even more eye-catching. When you’re all done, you have a beautiful piece of artwork you can hang in your home or give as a gift. 

Collect the Memories

Making collages and scrapbooks is a great way to reminisce and display your memories in a crafty way. You can use new pictures you take, old ones laying around your house, or pictures from magazines. Simply buy a scrapbook, or a board, and let the crafting begin! 

Let’s Get Started!

•  Newspaper
•  Wooden clothespins
•  Acrylic paint
•  Paintbrushes
•  Embroidery hoop
•  Stickers (optional)
•  Hot glue gun (optional)


1. Spread out the newspaper in an area where you will do your crafting. Paint your clothes pins with whatever colors you like. Let them dry, and then give the top of each clothespin a second coat. Let them dry completely.

2. Use the embroidery hoop as the base of the wreath. Clip the clothespins side by side onto the hoop, with the twice-painted tops facing up. The way you organize your clothes pins is completely up to you.  

3. If you wish, you can add stickers or any decorations to the wreath using a hot glue gun. 

4. You’re all done! You can now hang your wreath on a nail or from a wreath hanger.


Gardens of Wilbraham has a variety of crafting classes – we encourage you to participate. Visit our online calendar to learn more. 

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