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Cook Ahead to Save Time

2014-10-22 |


When you’re an active adult living alone, cooking can take up a ton of time, but it doesn’t have to. By cooking in batches, you can spend a few hours one day a week prepping meals for nearly an entire month. This method of cooking will give you more time daily, and more money to allocate toward other expenses. 

Make a Menu

Remember there’s no need to cook thirty unique meals, because you can eat the same meal a few times within the month. To save even more money, base your menu on what’s on sale at your local grocery store.  Also, be sure to avoid foods which don’t freeze well, such as potatoes, cheese, or fried foods.

Devote a Day

Cooking for a whole month will take a lot of time, so wisely choose which day you’ll spend in the kitchen. It may be helpful to warn others of your unavailability that day so you have no interruptions. The night before, do all of the minor prep work such as cutting, washing, and gathering your materials to save some time. 

Fit it in the Freezer

Here are some additional tips to store your food once it’s all prepared:

  • Store as much as you can in freezer bags because they can be easily stacked flat.
  • Don’t forget to seal, label, and date all your foods. You’ll want to know what you’re having for dinner in the future.
  • Freeze foods fast! To preserve all of the flavor and nutritional benefit, you will want to freeze your foods when they’re the most fresh.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always the best to cook with.  So, be sure to check out The Gardens of Wilbraham Farmers Markets on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. 

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