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Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

2014-10-15 |


Garden Your Way to Better Health

As a senior, much pressure exists to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Gardening will not only benefit you in terms of growing a healthy harvest, but it also serves as a relaxing way to get in some light to moderate exercise. You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy basic gardening. Gardening is rewarding! You can see immediate results when the flowers bloom and the veggies grow. Imagine the satisfaction of biting into that first cucumber or tomato you grew from scratch!

Weed Out the Calories

During a typical gardening session, a gardener does the following exercises: lifting, stretching, walking, kneeling, climbing, raking, weeding, and digging. With only one hour of gardening, you can burn anywhere between 250-350 calories, and exercise joint flexibility while strengthening your body in various ways.

Other than physical exercise, gardening also…

…improves your diet. You are likely to eat what you grow, which means your diet will consist of many organic vegetables.

…boosts your mood. Gardening is a means of relaxation, keeping you calm and clearing your mind of any stress that may be cluttering your head.

…improves your brain health. Some studies have shown that gardening reduces the risk of dementia due to the amount of physical and mental activity involved.


Whether it’s a few houseplants or a full backyard, gardening will lead you to a healthier life. 

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