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A Tasting Experience

2015-04-17 |


Wine lover? Look no further; learn how to properly taste wine. Often times, people do not know how to properly taste wine or assume they know the right steps. There are five steps in wine tasting and with almost 15 different types of wine, it can be hard to know what you are looking for.

  1. Sight

The first step in any wine tasting it to look at the wine. Hold the glass up to a light or white background. Observe the clarity of the wine. Is it clear and vibrant? Or is it cloudy and dull?

White wines should range from a pale yellow to an amber gold color. Meanwhile red wines should range from purple to brick red. As red wine ages, they lose color and will begin to turn brown.

  1. Smell

To properly smell the aromas from the wine, move the glass in small circles, swirling the wine. Once you have swirled the wine for a several seconds and then bring the glass to your nose and smell the wine.

  1. Taste

The next step is to sip not slurp! Once you sip the wine let it roll across your tongue. There are four sections of taste on your tongue. The tip tastes sweetness, the inner sides taste sour flavors, the outer sides taste saltiness and the back of the tongue tastes bitterness. This is why it is important for the wine to roll across your entire tongue.

  1. Evaluate

After swallowing or spitting the wine you are left with the aftertaste. Now it’s time for the final verdict. Did you enjoy it? What did you notice about the flavors?  Take in all the factors, appearance, aromas, taste, body and finish. A great wine will have balance among those different elements.

Want to learn more about the different types of wine? Click here to read more. At The Gardens of Wilbraham we hold wine tastings every month on the last Thursday of the month (Condo fee required; payable at Front Desk). For more information about our wine and cheese tasting contact us at (413)596-5322.

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